The Lord of the Rings on Amazon release date

Amazon Prime Video, the new owner of the rights to the film adaptation of the novels of John Tolkien announced the release date of the TV series Lord of the rings, which is scheduled on September 2, 2022.

The TV series “The Lord of the Rings” ought to be a lot of seasonal project with a budget that can be compared only with the legendary Saga “Game of Thrones”.

TV transformation will include new storylines, which are gone before by the first book “Brotherhood Ring”. Netflix, HBO, and Amazon battled worldwide privileges to make a multi-season series, however, just the last organization was prepared to spend $ 250 million.

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There was an official announcement of the release date of the series “Lord of the rings”, the premiere of the first episode is expected on december 2, 2022.

What will be the series

The plot of the fantasy series will move us to the far-off past, where there was no Sauron or Melkor. The principal season will start with an adorable life on the domain of the mediterrane, until the evil entered the width.

“Amazon” gathers to eliminate the prequel to the original story about Frodo Baggins, with numerous chances. In the acquired rights, the company has limitations on certain characters (will not be able to use everyone), except the chiefs can generally make their own heroes, plus the scenes of violence, sex and drama who have made the series “Game of Thrones” so popular.

The shooting of the primary season will start just in the late spring of 2019, so the result of the TV series “Lord of the Rings” should be expected in September 2022. More exact date will be reported by Amazon additionally.


The TV series of the Lord of the Rings won’t be very different from the first books, and bits of gossip are supposed that they will take the book “Silmarillion”. Valid, this or not we are not known, but the ring of Sauron, or in other words, the “Ring of Omnipotence” will be in the center of attention for sure.

Forecasts experts

The Lord of the Rings can be a major, costly and esteemed show that will bring the Amazon achievement. But this may not be for for various reasons. In the first place, nobody likes to adjust the incredible movies in which the plot will reconsider and add new details in the all around elegantly composed world.

The most disturbing of everything is the news that the new series won’t be founded on what John Tolkin wrote. The series Lord of the Rings, which will be released on September 2, 2022, will be a prequel to the canon to explore the events between the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Release date: September 2, 2022
Original name: The Witcher: Blood Origin
Episodes: 8
Creators: Patrick McKay, John D. Payne
Cast: Peter Mullan, Benjamin Walker, Cynthia Addai-Robinson, Augustus Prew, Maxim Baldry
Streaming: Amazon

Episode release schedule

Number: Release date:
Episode 1 September 2, 2022
Episode 2 September 9, 2022
Episode 3 September 16, 2022
Episode 4 September 23, 2022
Episode 5 September 30, 2022
Episode 6 October 7, 2022
Episode 7 October 14, 2022
Episode 8 October 21, 2022

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