The Rookie season 5 – when is release date?

The good ratings of the show give every reason to wait for the sequel. According to preliminary data, the release date of The Rookie season 5 will take place in October 2022. At the moment, the authors of the series have not commented on the extension of the project for a fifth season, but the work will likely be extended.

The plot

Pictures based on real events, invariably cause the interest of viewers. The presented tape about the most “old” police officer, who came to serve in the department, was no exception. An important role in the popularity of the series was played by Nathan Fillion, who embodied the image of the key character.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

According to the actor, it was interesting for him to put himself in the place of the main character. In addition, the writers drew on a true story about a man who managed to become a policeman in his forties. Despite the slight drop in ratings after the second chapter, viewers still want to know if the show will be a Newcomer season 5.

The Rookie

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So, after a crisis in his family life, forty-year-old John Nolan decides to radically change his priorities. The man joins the police force. Some of the new environment considers Nolan’s actions absurd. But thanks to his life experience and solid age, the newly minted policeman perfectly manages many problems.

In the third part, viewers watch the conflict between John and Henry. Nolan has to come to terms with his son’s decision. Meanwhile, Lucy Chen has to infiltrate a criminal gang involved in drug trafficking. The rest of the department continues to work on new assignments, at the same time-solving problems of a personal nature.

As for the plans for the fifth part, the creators have not yet reported when the tape will be released Rookie Season 5. Fans of the picture are left to wait for the official announcement.

Throughout the series, viewers can watch the drama that led to the collapse of the family, the strife with his son, and, of course, the fascinating working moments from the life of the police station. Crime-solving, infiltration into gangs, and other stories await viewers throughout all parts of the movie “The Rookie”.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: The Rookie
Episodes: 12
Cast: Nathan Fillion, Melissa O’Neil, Eric Winter, Alyssa Diaz
Streaming: ABC

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