The Witcher season 3 – when is the release date?

The Witcher TV series has been waited for several years by a lot of fans. After a successful release of the 1st season, Netflix announced its intention to continue working on the fantasy series. The extension of the series was not kept in secret even before the 2nd season release. However, fans should wait for the 3rd season till, at least, the summer of 2023.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

Creation history

The series was made on the basis of the novel The Witcher by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, published in 1986. The book was translated into several foreign languages and got positive readers’ reviews. The idea for a film adaptation appeared in 2017. After the contract signature and obtaining permission to shoot, the TV channel began an active search for a cast.

Unfortunately, the release date of the third season of The Witcher will not be earlier than the summer of 2023.


The action unfolds in a world inhabited by humans and a variety of monsters. Only some warriors, who have received good survival lessons in their youth, can cope with the monsters. The Witcher Herald of Rivia has no home of his own and travels the planet in search of work and an opportunity for the money he earns to rent a room for the night. The warrior skills he has acquired help him stand up to the monsters. None of the monsters could survive a fight with Herald, for this wanderer’s dexterity and cunning can only be envied.

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The aimless journey ends when the witcher decides to protect Princess Ciri, whose relatives were killed during the attack on their state. Such a decision involves the hero in an internecine war. Now he becomes a pawn in someone else’s mad power struggle.

The 1st season ended with the scene, that a powerful state, once thriving on the mainland, becomes destroyed. Princess Ciri was forced to leave the city but she met new traitors. The Herald vowed to save the princess and, most likely, the upcoming seasons will show the Witcher trying to find the fugitive and provide her with protection from the enemies. We look forward to the season 3 release date to find out if our assumptions are correct.

The high ratings make it impossible to doubt that Netflix will order season 3 of The Witcher, with a release date tentatively in December 2023.


How old is Ciri in the Witcher?
English actress Freya Allan, who plays Princess Cirilla of Cintra, or Ciri, was 18 during the filming of the first season of The Witcher. In the first season, Ciri was meant to be 13 years old when she meets up with Geralt after the Battle of Sodden.
How old is Geralt in season 2?
Aside from his catlike eyes, white hair and world-weary attitude, Geralt doesn’t really show his age. By the start of the second season, Geralt is 104 and Vesemir is 169. Geralt’s mentor and adoptive father is played by Kim Bodnia, who is 56.
Release date: 2023 (in production)
Original name: The Witcher
Episodes: 8
Cast: Henry Cavill, Anna Shaffer, Freya Allan, Graham McTavish
Streaming: Netflix

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