Tyler Perry’s Ruthless season 4 – when is the release date?

There are many different religions and cults, with more and more people joining in all the time. And the series “Ruthless” is about one of them, not the worst, but it’s no less despicable. But the show actually tells the story of a woman who dreams of escaping from the community she has longed so hard to enter. When to expect the sequel and other details next in our article. The release date of season 4 of the series Ruthless is expected in 2023.

Many people join all sorts of cults for a variety of reasons, and Ruth Truesdale was no exception. She joined the Rakudushis, who simply cannot live without carnal pleasures. The community is led by the Highest, who provides a comfortable existence for his associates, but they are required to abide by a number of rules. Ruth is genuinely loyal to the High and the other cult members, so when her close friend Tally tries to rebel, the heroine, along with the rest of the Rakudushis, punishes her, and quite brutally.

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?

For her insane devotion, Ruth is promoted to the rank of Elder, but first, she must undergo a kind of initiation rite, during which seven members of the cult under the supervision of the High will possess her. After undergoing the “right,” the woman realizes that she is not satisfied with what is going on and, joining forces with Tally, decides to get out of the community at any cost. But who said it would be so easy?

Ruth Truesdale is an ardent follower of the Rakudushis cult, which puts sex above all else. Having been raped as part of a “rite of passage,” she does her best to escape. She enlists the support of her best friend, whom she previously betrayed. The role is played by Melissa L. Williams.

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The Highest is the head of the Rakudushis. Outwardly appears peaceful, hospitable, and calm. Uses drugs and drugs for new members of the community so he can then rape them and they won’t remember a thing. The role is played by Matt Cedeño.

Dikhan is a high-ranking member of the Rakudushis. Keeps an eye on everything that happens in the community, and is the right-hand man of the High. The role is played by Lenny Thomas. Tally is a close friend of Ruth’s who attempted a riot, for which she was severely punished by members of the sect. The role is played by Yvonne Senate.

Release date: 2023
Original name: Tyler Perry’s Ruthless
Episodes: 11
Cast: Melissa L Williams, Matt Cedeño, Lenny Thomas, Yvonne Senat Jones
Streaming: BET+

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  1. Lynn

    First off Ruth’s friend name is Tally not Tully please proof read before sending. TY

    1. Teletha

      What is this 1O1 English Inspector or 1O1 How To Be Mean-spirited.

      Hope you feel better … good grief

    2. Mia

      Wow! Really? Was that comment necessary. Think you should seek out the Rakudushi.

      1. Debbi


  2. Kk

    I agree with Lynn and who is Deehan do you mean Dikhan know the characters and their names before writing about the show this is a disrespect and a hot mess

  3. Kk

    I agree with Lynn and who is Deehan do you mean Dikhan know the characters and their names before writing about the show this is a disrespect and a hot mess

  4. Dot

    The characters’ names are The Highest, Tally and Dikhan. Show some respect! Obtaining verification of information and proofreading are not difficult!

    You really need to post a correction. It’s the PROPER resolution.

  5. reiko

    breath tak you need and addicting to many characters. can’t wait for the 4th season. i’ll make a good actress in this movie as a house keeper

  6. Anna Berard

    I’m waiting on season 4 so good can’t wait

  7. John

    Can’t wait I am the Highest but I don’t do that gay shit I would have fuck all the females

  8. Mashall

    Can’t wait SEASON 4

  9. James

    What’s the release date for the 4 sesons

  10. James

    What’s the release date for 4 sesons

  11. Tracy

    That release date is too far off for me.

  12. Ina Herbert

    I am so waiting for season 4 , can’t wait.

  13. Ashley

    Yes it is worth a movie

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  15. sharon hagans

    I. Be glad when it comes back on

  16. Debbie

    I just started watching it because I work so much. I just finished season 1 and I’m addicted. I love love love this show!

  17. Redd

    Season 4 where you at? I’m ready!

  18. Bizzle

    Why did season 3 end that way it’s crucial waiting for season 4 please hurry up!!!!!

  19. Patricia Singleton-Glov

    Waiting for Season 4 please come back soon, tie up all the loose ends please

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  21. TylerFan

    Just so y’all know. If you’re waiting on loose ends to be tied up Tyler Perry doesn’t like doing that very much in his shows. He always leaves you with questions and more questions. Obviously y’all haven’t watched the haves and have nots or the oval. Which the oval is a sort of sequel to ruthless.

  22. Gasada Harper

    Mr T. Perry is A PURE GENIOUS!!

  23. Iyessia gardner

    Can’t wait for Ruthless 4 it’s as good as have and have nots . Keeps you on the edge of your seat. Ruth is an amazing actor.

  24. Sonny

    I have watched every night until 3 & 4 am, trying to get to the end. I & my aunt are hooked, just to be left hanging on the 3rd, oooch 😆…
    Can’t wait for the 4th episode to start.
    I hope Ruth & River make it out. Mother Elder is really a hot mess. Not so happy about Tally getting killed, she went through so much.
    I hope His Highest gets punished for all he has done.
    POOR RIVER, he needs to survive.
    Tyler, take it easy on River in 4…

  25. Terri

    yes yes yes

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