Virgin River season 4 – when is the release date?

Melinda Monroe, whose friends just call her Mel, works as a nurse in Los Angeles. But one day she receives an offer to take a position as a nurse in a remote town called Virgin River, and, wanting a fresh start in life, she accepts. Her first impression of the town makes her wonder, because the quiet place that the town seems to be, in reality, is not so simple and has its secrets and secrets, just like Melinda herself.

The heroine has a complicated past, which she has yet to deal with because without a new life is impossible. Fortunately, in Virgin River, she meets Jack, who used to be a marine, he helps her heal the old wounds and adjust to life in this quiet town. The release date of season 4 of Virgin River is set for summer 2022.
virgin river season 4 release date

What do you think, is it worth filming a sequel, and what should be in it?


  • Melinda “Mel” Monroe is a nurse and midwife who comes to work in the Virgin River from Los Angeles. The role is played by Alexandra Breckenridge.
  • Jack Sheridan is a bar owner in Virgin River, is a former Marine, and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder. Finds common ground with Melinda. The role is played by Martin Henderson.
  • John “Preacher” Middleton is a close associate of Jack’s who works at his establishment as a chef. The role is played by Colin Lawrence.
  • Joey Barnes is Melinda’s older sister who lives in Los Angeles. The role is played by Jenny Levine.
  • Charmaine Roberts is Jack’s girlfriend. The role is played by Lauren Hammersley.
  • Hope McCree is the mayor of Virgin River. The role is played by Annette O’Toole.
  • Vernon “Doc” Mullins is a local doctor, M.D. The role is played by Tim Matheson.
  • Dan Brady is a young veteran who served with Jack in the Marines. After being discharged, he tries his best to adjust to civilian life. The role is played by Ben Hollingsworth.
Release date: Summer, 2022
Original name: Virgin River
Episodes: 10
Writers: Alexandra Breckenridge, Martin Henderson, Annette O’Toole, Tim Matheson, Colin Lawrence
Streaming: Netflix

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