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The Walt Disney studio on Twitter announced that 11 animated short series were launched for development. They are all based on the company’s existing films. Among the whole list stands out the cartoon Zootopia +, based on the full-length cartoon of 2016, known in some countries as Zveropolis. At one time, the project won an Oscar, and the show showed a number of interesting minor characters who will come to the fore in the novelty. It is known that the project is under active development, and the release date of the series Zootopia + will take place in 2022.

The original story in Zveropolis tells of a modern city inhabited by wild animals. It is a huge metropolis, and its individual areas mimic the natural habitat of animals. The Sahara City is home to animals from the African region, an area considered elite, and the cold-tundra City is not the friendliest place, especially for strangers. At the center of the story is a rabbit named Judy Hopps. She is a new police officer,but finds herself in a situation where the heroine is not taken seriously. Judy sets out to investigate the disappearance of the beasts to prove her own worth. In the novelty, according to him, the authors will not be the main character, and the central roles will go to minor characters who have fallen in love with the audience. Its release date will be in 2022.

On Investor’s Day in 2020, Walt Disney Studios announced that the new cartoon is a collection of short films. The main characters will be Fru-Fru – the daughter of the head of the mafia, who was hunted by Judy, dancers, tigers, and the lazy Blitz, who fell in love with the audience more than other characters. Their adventures will be told through the prism of popular shows in Zveropolis, so Blitz will have to participate in races, what will come out of this, will be known after the release of the project. The release date of the cartoon Zootopia + is scheduled for 2022.

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The creators of the novelty are Trent Corrie and Jose Tr inindad. Zootopia + is the second Disney series planned for release next year. The project will be released on the studio’s online platform, it is expected that depending on the success of the announced short multi-series cartoons, the direction of the genre on the platform will depend. Previously, Disney was engaged exclusively in the production of feature films and cartoons. The release date of the novelty is 2022.

Release date: 2022 (in production)
Original name: Zootopia+
Episodes: 10
Cast: Trent Corrie, Josie Trinidad, Clark Spencer
Streaming: Dysney

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